Customization by Market
Cannabis Product

Are you part of the rising cannabis market? If so, you know plain foil packaging is no longer enough to attract consumers. Consumers have move away from buying no-name product and packaging on the streets to buying from reputable medical clinics online or in-store. 

Consumers are now making a buying choice from hundreds and thousands of packaging with similar or identical products online or in store. This means that having the right packaging to ensure your product stand out is critical in distinguishing your product from the rest of the competitions. The right packaging will help strengthen your brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Packaging with high barrier films for optimal freshness and aroma control is critical. We take care of your packaging needs from package design to package application for you. Taipak provides total solutions including child resistant locking pouch.

Taipak’s ability in offering low minimum run and combination run with multiple designs is highly popular for companies looking to test out new flavors.

Our knowledge of packaging from manufacturing to marketing have been the sole reason why start-ups and corporate cannabis businesses choose Taipak over others to achieve successful product launch with unique packaging that meets the industry’s ever-changing guidelines and catches the consumer’s eye.

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