CPI for granules and powders

Portable Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine, CPI, is designed for small packaging applications and able to provide up to 80 cycles per minute. It can be integrated with volumetric filler or auger filler for fast and reliable packaging. CPI is equipped with standard date coding device and eye-mark sensor for accurate packaging size.

Plain / Pre-printed rollstock film is installed on the top of the machine, CPI is able to print two line of date code & lot number with its standard date coding device. Eye-mark sensor detects the trigger marks on the film and calibratesthe cutting length. The vertical seal and bottom seal are applied by heating wheel and bar after bag forming. Once the filler releases the product into the performed bag, the sealing bar seals the top of bag immediately to minimize product exposure time.

CPI is perfect for packing nutraceutical products, ground coffee, tea leafs, snacks, flour and mixes. It can also be integrated with liquid filler which will be perfect for packing liquid products such as condiments, sauces, detergents, and cosmetics products.

  • Thermo date coder
  • Product discharging conveyor
  • Heating hopper
  • Gas flush device
Finish Products

Packing Speed (Bag / Minute) :
40 - 80
25 - 50
Minimum Bag Size :
50 mm x 50 mm / 1.9" x 1.9"
50 mm x 80 mm / 1.9" x 3.1"
Maximum Bag Size :
80 mm x 120 mm / 3.1" x 4.75"
140 mm x 180 mm / 5.5" x 7"
Power :
220v / 60 Hz, Single Phase 15 A
220v / 60 Hz, Single Phase 15 A
Optional Filler :
Liquid Filler, Volumetric Filler, Auger Filler, Liner Scale
Machine Dimension :
(L x W x H)
720mm x 550mm x 1750mm
(28.4” x 21.7” x 68.9”)
990mm x 800mm x 1750mm
(39” x 31.5” x 68.9”)