Rotary Style Pre-Made Pouch Packaging Machine 

AGM is widely flexible for various pouch styles and product formats. This pre-made pouch filler and sealer is designed for applications in the frozen foods, seafood, snacks, grains, powder, granular products, and liquid products. It is a rotary style bagging machine with 8 stations (including two heat seal stations and one cooling station) which offers an effective sealing method.

The easy adjustable clipping arms bring the flexibility for packing wide range of bag size and reduce down time while changing bag dimensions or filling products. Integrated filling control system works with different type of fillers and offers versatile configurations and quick change-over. The reinforced structure with stainless steel SUS304 surface is the standard for AGM system. Zipper opening device, wash-down and gas flush applications are available.

Eight-Station Bag Feed/Fill/Seal System
  • Bag feeding conveyor
  • Bag opening - top open and bottom gusset open
  • First filling station - no pouch no fill feature
  • Second filling station - no pouch no fill feature
  • Product settling station - (option: gas flush)
  • First sealing station
  • Second sealing station
  • Discharging station
Key Features
  • Up to 40 bags per minutes
  • Stainless steel SUS304 structure and appearance
  • Designed for safe and sanitary operations
  • Easy cleaning design
  • Available wash-down application
  • Optional gas flush application
  • Optional zipper opening application
  • Easy bag adjustment
  • No bag-no fill feature
  • Simple, intuitive operation and maintenance using touch screen controls
  • Easy control panel with touch screen interface
  • Weighing scale
  • Volumetric filler for granular products
  • Auger filler
  • Piston liquid filler
  • Bucket conveyor
  • Thermo date coder
  • Gas flush device
Suitable Packaging Types

Packing Speed (Bag / Minute) :
25 - 35
Minimum Bag Size :
100 mm x 150 mm (4" x 6")
Maximum Bag Size :
225 mm x 300 mm (8.8" x 12")
Air Compressor :
25 CFM
Power :
220v / 60 Hz, Single Phase 35 A
Suitable Bag Style :
3-Side Sealed Bag, Zip-Lock Bag, Stand-up Zip-Lock Pouch, Back Sealed Bag
Machine Dimension :
(L x W x H)
1700mm x 1700mm x 1500mm (67” x 67” x 59”)