We understand Speed-to-Market is essential and critical. Let Taipak handle your job from start to finish! We have a variety of packaging equipment designed for packing products in liquid, granules, powder, capsule formats into different packaging styles such stick packs, 3 side seal sachets, Easysnap mono dose sachet, pyramid shape tea pack, pre-made pouches… Our in-house facility is able to handle food and beverage products, nutraceutical products, health and beauty products, and many more. Flexibility is always the key. We handle quantities from a thousand packs to millions of packs.

No matter how complicated the project is, our “get it done” approach will make sure the project is managed professionally. We closely monitor each “job” and seek opportunities to be more efficient saving you time and money.

Taipak is also a strong supporter of the local community. We work with non-profit organizations for secondary packaging where possible; this ensures that we give the opportunity to people less fortunate to earn a living.

Stick Packs

Stick packs are small, easy to handle, and ideal for on-the-go products. The narrow opening makes it easy to pour contents of the package into the neck of a bottle. Stick packs are very popular for nutraceutical and any single serving products such as flavor mix for drinks. Because of the small size, stick pack has less impact on the environment. It is the most economical form of packaging.

  • Smallest Finished Stick Pack Size: 22mm Wide x 80mm Length
  • Largest Finished Stick Pack Size: 100mm Wide x 150mm Length
  • Content Formats: Granules, Powder
  • Weighing and Filling System: Volume Matrix and Auger Filler
  • Weight Range: 1g and up
  • 3-Side and 4-Side Sealed Sachets

    3-side and 4-side sealed sachets are very common packaging styles in food industry, especially being used for packing condiments. The package is folded from rollstock film into rectangular shape. Tear notches for easy open can be applied on seal edges of the sachet. The sachet package style can accommodate a wide range of products including granules, powder, liquids, food items, capsules and tablets, tea leaves… It is also widely used as promotional package to be distributed or given away at trade shows and events.

  • Smallest Finished Sachet Size: 40mm Width x 40mm Length
  • Largest Finished Sachet Size: 100mm Width x 200mm Length
  • Content Formats: Granules, Liquid, Powder, Capsules and Tablets
  • Weighing and Filling System: Weighing Scale, Volume Matrix, Piston Filler, and Auger Filler
  • Weight Range: 5g and up
  • Easysnap® Sachets

    Easysnap is a single dose one hand opening sachet. It has worldwide patented unique opening system which allows the sachet opens and dispenses contents by using only one hand. While the sachet is folded, a mechanically made center cut breaks and opens progressively. It allows consumers using only single hand, with no effort, no stress, open and enjoy the contents. Easysnap can replace any conventional single dose container or sachet for any liquid product.

  • Finished Sachet Size: See following chart
  • Product Formats: Liquids
  • Weighing and Filling System: Piston Filler
  • Volume Range: 1ml ~ 30ml
  • Sachet Width X Length
    Content Volume
    40 mm x 50 mm
    2 ml ~ 4 ml
    40 mm x 80 mm
    4 ml ~ 6 ml
    60 mm x 100 mm
    6 ml ~ 12 ml
    75 mm x 100 mm
    15 ml ~ 22 ml
    85 mm x 100 mm
    20 ml ~ 30 ml

    Pyramid Pack (Triangular Tea Pack)

    Thinking about packing custom blended leaf teas professionally in pyramid shape tea bag with steeping string with tag? We have solutions. Compare to traditional rectangular pillow style tea bag, advantage to a pyramidal tea bag is in its structured shape. Tea leaves are not compressed inside the bag when the bag is steeped in hot water. Leaves can float freely and infuse maximum flavor into water. With less breakage of tea leaves inside the pyramid packs, we are able to reduce or eliminate the presence of tea dust in the bottom of cup. The tea bags can be formed using biodegradable PLA mesh filter paper which is environmental friendly compare to traditional cotton tea paper.

    With latest packaging technology, Taipak minimizes production waste even with smaller runs. Pyramid shape tea bag can also be packaged into plain or printed outer envelope in line. Taipak is able to handle volume from 1,000 tea packs (with custom printed tag and outer envelope) to millions of packs.

  • Inner Tea Bag (Small): 58mm x 58mm x 58mm
  • Inner Tea Bag (Large): 70mm x 70mm x 70mm
  • Outer Envelope 3-Side Sealed Bag (Small): 90mm Width x 90mm Length
  • Outer Envelope 3-Side Sealed Bag (Large): 100mm Width x 100mm Length
  • Tea Tag: 20mm x 20mm
  • Product Formats: Leaf Teas
  • Weighing and Filling System: Weighing Scale
  • Weight Range: 1g ~ 7g